Postdoctoral Position Cancer Genetics & Genomics

Health Research Inc. (HRI) Roswell Park Division
Cancer Genetics & Genomics
Full Time
Commensurate with related research experience and NIH pay scale
Description of Duties

Postdoctoral position available for DOD-funded grant to Dr. Irwin Gelman (Cancer Genetics and Genomics), 3-year appointment


The project will study the role of the HBP1-BRMS1-BRMSL1 axis in controlling breast cancer dormancy in the bone microenvironment. The project involves an in vitro 3D culture model that recapitulates bone endosteal or vascular niche microenvironments. As well, the project involves in vivo spontaneous and experimental breast cancer bone colonization models (orthotopic and intracardiac injections), in vivo monitoring of metastatic growth and signaling in the bone, and analysis of how the HBP1-BRMS1-BRMSL1 axis controls cell cycle progression genes through the SIN3A-mediated chromatin landscape. 


The candidate should have working knowledge of mouse husbandry, tumor inoculation (preferred knowledge of mammary gland orthotopic, intraperitoneal and intracardiac injections), monitoring of mouse tumor growth, FACS-based cell isolation, immunoblotting, dissection of signaling pathways, immunofluorescence analysis, ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, RT-PCR, cell culture and transfection, lentivirus packaging and cell infection.


Applicant Instructions

Please send cv and letter of application to:

Irwin H. Gelman, Ph.D.
Director of Research Integration
Distinguished Professor of Oncology
Track Chair, Cancer Genetics, Genomics and Development Academic Program
Director, Gene Modulation Services Resource
Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
Elm and Carlton Streets
Buffalo, NY 14263-0001
716-845-2432 FAX
917-302-3296 cell