Roswell Park Volunteers Share 8 Ways to be Inspirational


Roswell Park volunteers exude compassion and generosity – qualities that impact the lives of our patients and inspire hope and positivity. They see every task as an opportunity to extend kindness to those in need. Without hesitation, our volunteers offer a helping hand, a warm smile or heart-felt greeting to everyone that walks through the Roswell Park doors.

Each year, Roswell Park marks National Volunteer Appreciation Week — a chance to honor our 696 volunteers and their extraordinary efforts. With over 67,944 hours of service logged this past year, our volunteers are truly an inspiration to all.

I asked a few of them to share some ways they inspire Roswell Park patients and everyone around them. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Smile: “A smile doesn’t cost anything and it brightens someone’s day.” – Roland Bolander, Errand & Escort Desk - Helping hands
  • Be Genuine: “I always wish others well and truly hope they have a good day.” – Mary Lou Warner, Errand & Escort Desk - Helping Hands
  • Encourage Others: “I always let people know they aren’t alone. We are here to help.” – Pete Schreiber, Errand & Escort Desk - Helping Hands
  • Be Caring: “I like making people feel better. It makes me feel good.” – Chuck Schomber, Information Desk
  • Stay Positive: “I never know if someone is having a good day or a bad day, but staying positive always helps make the dark days a little brighter.” – Harv Moore, Errand & Escort Desk - Helping Hands
  • Be Helpful: "When I see someone in need, I do what I have to do. Sometimes it’s just the small things that make a big difference." – John Ward, Information Desk
  • Pay Attention: “I have a knack for reading people. I always pay attention to what someone needs and I respond.” – Eileen Ward, Information Desk
  • Listen: “Really listen to what people have to say. There is no better way to make them feel valued and validated.“ – Gloria Lehmann, Hospitality Room

If you are interested in joining Roswell Park’s team of volunteers, please contact the Volunteer Office at 716-845-5708 or fill out a Volunteer Application Form.