Clinical Trials

The Radiation Oncology Department and its physicians collaborate with other departments within Roswell Park and various external institutions to conduct cooperative clinical trials. These clinical trials are available to patients with all types of cancers. Radiation treatments are integrated with other treatment modalities, including surgery, chemotherapy, and newer molecular biology and genetic agents.

Patients who take part in clinical trials have the first chance to benefit from treatments that have shown promise in earlier research. They also make an important contribution to medical science by helping doctors learn more about the disease. Although clinical trials may pose some risks, researchers take many very careful steps to protect people who participate.

Researchers are looking at the effectiveness of radiation therapy before/after surgery, as well as the combination of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Other trials are studying new drugs, new drug combinations, and biological therapies. Some of these studies are designed to find ways to reduce the side effects of treatment and to improve the quality of patient's lives.