Advanced training in a collaborative environment

When you choose a fellowship in Urologic Oncology at Roswell Park, you’ll be an integral part of patient care, from diagnosis and treatment to prevention and support.

As a free-standing NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, our translational medicine model connects fellows with clinicians, researchers and specialists who understand every aspect of cancer science.

Fellowship highlights

Roswell Park offers several fellowships in this discipline:

Society of Urologic Oncology (SUO) fellowship

Two-year training in Urologic Oncology comprised of one clinical year and one research year that focuses in clinical and/or translational research.

  • In the first year, you will have training in clinical management and surgical techniques of genitourinary cancers utilizing open, laparoscopic and robotic surgical techniques.
  • In the second year, you will receive training in basic/translational or clinical research in the Department of Urology and/or other departments at Roswell Park

Endourological Society fellowship

As an Endourological Society fellow, you’ll spend one year training in all aspects of urologic oncology.

  • During this year, you will have training in clinical management and surgical techniques of genitourinary cancers utilizing open, laparoscopic and robotic surgical techniques.

International fellowship

Six months with no clinical training to two years including one year of clinical training and one year of research training.

Roswell Park fellowship

1-2 years:

  • First year combination of mostly research/some clinical 
  • Second year combination of mostly clinical/some research
The Urologic Oncology fellowship at Roswell Park was an invaluable experience.  Upon completion of the fellowship, I felt comfortable with any and all robotic urologic surgeries.  The fellowship also allowed me great opportunities to engage in research and other academic pursuits. Nicholas Hellenthal, MD, class of 2010

Surgical experience

Meet Dr. Guru

Roswell Park’s Center for Robotic Surgery is led by Khurshid Guru, MD, co-inventor of the world’s first Robotic Surgery Simulator (RoSS). Like a flight simulator for pilots, RoSS accurately simulates the daVinci® robotic surgical system.

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Oncologic case volumes. Our three most common procedures are radical prostatectomy, partial/radical nephrectomy, and radical cystectomy. Approximate case numbers per year are 150 robotic prostatectomies, 110 partial/radical nephrectomies, and 60 radical cystectomies.

Robotics training. We perform almost 90% of our oncologic cases minimally invasively. We are proud of our robotic cystectomy program where, for the past decade >99% of radical cystectomies have been performed robotically, among which 100% of urinary diversions have been performed intracorporeally. All prostatectomies, most partial nephrectomies and most radical nephrectomies are also performed robotically.

Broad case exposure. As a tertiary referral center for complex cancer patients, Roswell Park offer fellows a unique opportunity to train in technically challenging surgical approaches in Urologic Oncology. We perform 12-15 retroperitoneal lymphadenectomies for testicular cancer annually, in addition to 3-5 nephrectomy cases with IVC thrombectomy annually, typically under cardiac bypass. A thoracoabdominal open incision is utilized in 15-20 nephrectomies per year. Approximately 20% of our partial nephrectomies are performed for a tumor size of at least 5 cm.

Innovation. Novel investigation is valued at Roswell Park, offering fellows unique opportunity to gain expertise in newer cutting-edge surgical approaches that will complement a conventional skillset. Roswell Park is a world-recognized pioneer for robotic assistance with radical cystectomy and the use of an entirely intracorporeal approach to urinary diversion reconstruction. The novel technique of intraprostatic urethral preservation during radical prostatectomy was developed at Roswell Park where its use is ongoing.

Research. Our Urology Department has a strong clinical database effort that facilitates research in surgery/health outcomes and meets our institutional requirement for robotic surgical quality assurance. Fellows are encouraged to take advantage of this resource to fill their research interests.

World-class facilities and technology

Take a closer look at the latest technology available at Roswell Park.

Research opportunities

During your fellowship, you’ll choose from an area of scientific study for a research experience conducive to a successful academic career:

  • Health outcomes
  • Surgical technique
  • Molecular and cellular biology
  • Immunology
  • Genetics
  • Pharmacology and experimental therapeutics
  • Cancer prevention and epidemiology

Eligibility & how to apply

Each fellowship opportunity has unique requirements and application process.

For the SUO, Endourological Society and NIH T32 programs, please see individual program pages:

Contact us

For more information about fellowships in Urologic Oncology at Roswell Park, connect with:

Nancy Sikora
Fellowship Coordinator
Phone: 716-845-3389