Urethral Cancer Chemotherapy

Depending on the stage of your urethral cancer, your physician may prescribe a type of chemotherapy as part of your treatment plan. Chemotherapy options for urethral cancer patients may include:

  • Intravesicular Chemotherapy: This type of regional chemotherapy, in which the anti-cancer drugs are delivered directly to the urethra after the tumor is removed, has several advantages: stronger doses of some medications may be given, and side effects associated with systemic chemotherapy are avoided or minimized. This procedure is usually repeated once a week for several weeks.
  • Intravenous Chemotherapy: Systemic chemotherapy may be part of your treatment plan if cancer has spread to other organs. Chemotherapy drugs are administered through a vein, and flow through the bloodstream to nearly every part of the body. The drugs are usually given in cycles so that a recovery period follows every treatment period.