Specializing in: Evaluation of tobacco policies, cancer and tobacco surveillance

Specializing in: Health communications and health policy; risk perceptions of nicotine and tobacco products; tobacco product regulation; product-specific tobacco education; risk communication; international tobacco research and regulation

Specializing in: Tobacco control; nicotine pharmacology and pharmacokinetics; nicotine addiction pharmacotherapy and smoking cessation; toxicology and harm reduction

Specializing in: Tobacco regulatory science; tobacco product characteristics, use patterns, and risk perceptions; graduate education and training

Specializing in: Addiction; behavioral economics; impulsivity tobacco regulatory science; experimental psychology

Specializing in: Treatment of tobacco dependence; health behavior change; training health care providers in the evidence-based treatment of tobacco dependence; methods to decrease delay discounting

Secondary Appointments

Specializing in: Early detection of lung cancer; smoking cessation; HPV vaccines