What Is Metastatic Breast Cancer?

Cancer that has spread to a distant organ is called metastatic disease. With breast cancer, the most common sites for metastases are the lungs, liver and bone. We treat metastatic disease with a multidisciplinary team approach, calling on the best experts in breast cancer care. New advances in treating metastatic disease are made everyday, and may offer many years of high-quality life. We offer several options for treating metastatic breast cancer and improving quality of life including:

Metastatic breast cancer support group

Roswell Park is proud to offer a variety of support groups to our patients, to give the opportunity to find support with others going through the same diagnosis. Our breast cancer support groups are run by our patient navigator and nurse navigator. These groups are a chance to voice concerns and find support through connection and mutual understanding.

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When cancer spreads to your liver

When cancer spreads from its original location to the liver, these new tumors, called liver metastases, need special treatment. Roswell Park offers innovative and advanced therapies unavailable elsewhere in the region that can improve survival and potentially cure the disease.

If you’ve been told your liver metastases cannot be removed surgically or are inoperable or unresectable, please contact us and ask for a second opinion from the liver metastases team.

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