Treatment for Breast Cancer

More Options, Better Outcomes

Because invasive breast cancer has the potential to spread, two separate issues are addressed through treatment:

  • Treat the breast lump itself: This local therapy approach, typically involving surgery and possibly radiation therapy, treats the cancer in the breast.
  • Determine whether the cancer has spread: If it is likely that the cancer has spread beyond the breast, such as to lymph nodes and/or other organs or structures. This type of systemic therapy for breast cancer involves anti-estrogen hormone drugs and/or intravenous chemotherapy.

Our breast cancer treatment team meets weekly where they discuss and evaluate patient cases and collaborate to determine the best treatment plan.

Metastatic Breast Cancer

Cancer that has spread to a distant organ is called metastatic disease. With breast cancer, the most common sites for metastases are the lungs, liver and bone. We treat metastatic disease with a multidisciplinary team approach, calling on the best experts in breast cancer care. Many advances in treating metastatic disease are made everyday. We offer several options for metastatic breast cancer including: