Quality Outcomes

For health care professionals, payers and employers, quality cancer care tends to be defined by clinical outcomes — particularly those that impact patient mortality, morbidity and cost of care — and to be rooted in evidence-based medicine and best practices. From a patient and family member’s perspective, that definition is often expanded to include measures related to individual needs and preferences.

The Press Ganey Survey is an instrument that allows for the responses of our patients to be compared to those of hundreds of other hospitals across the country. This helps identify areas of excellence for Roswell Park along with identifying opportunities for us to improve your experience. We are ranked based on percentile, with 1st percentile being the worst and 99th percentile being best. Below is a list of several indicators and how we compare to a database of other large hospitals. This database over the years varies between 350 and 550 respondents.

These measures all show exemplary marks for the continuum of care that potential patients will receive at Roswell Park, from nurses up to the physicians.