Roswell Park at ASCO 2016: Research Highlights, Session Leaders

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

More than two dozen Roswell Park physicians and researchers will be take part in the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in Chicago June 3–7, presenting research findings, leading sessions and connecting with colleagues from around the world.

Among those presenting new research are Philip McCarthy, MD, who was invited to speak on lenalidomide maintenance therapy for patients with multiple myeloma; Paul Mayor, MD, whose research with Brahm Segal, MD, on links between immunodeficiency and cancer will be highlighted in a poster discussion session; and Saby George, MD, who will outline the findings of a large, multicenter study in patients with advanced kidney cancer in a poster discussion session.

Also attending will be Roswell Park President & CEO Candace S. Johnson, PhD; Deputy Director Kunle Odunsi, MD, PhD, who will present research and lead both a Clinical Science Symposium and a poster discussion session on gynecologic cancers; Marc Ernstoff, MD, Chair of Medicine, who will lead a discussion on Anti-PD1 therapy; Kara Kelly, MD, Chair of Pediatric Oncology, who will speak at an education session and present new research on Hodgkin lymphoma in adolescents and young adults; Jan Nowak, MD, PhD, who will speak at an education session on molecular oncology; Steven Nurkin, MD, who will speak at an education session on metastatic colorectal cancer; and Eunice Wang, MD, who will lead a poster discussion session on hematologic malignancies.

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Annie Deck-Miller, Senior Media Relations Manager