The Roswell Park Corporate Compliance Department

Corporate Code of Conduct

View the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center Corporate Code of Conduct.
Effective 5/19/23


The Board of Directors of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center Corporation (Roswell Park) has adopted a compliance program to assure that Roswell Park consistently complies with applicable federal and New York State laws and regulations relating to its activities, including its professional and Institute (hospital) billing activities.

The mission and objectives of Roswell Park’s compliance program include:  (i) the establishment of standards and policies to describe compliance expectations and protect good faith participation in compliance program activities; (ii) the creation of a system for efficient dissemination of information relating to statutes, regulations and agency guidelines relevant to the professional and business operations of Roswell Park; (iii) the establishment of a structure that encourages  employees and others to report and seek resolution of concerns; (iv) the establishment of processes and procedures to prevent both accidental and intentional noncompliance with applicable laws, to detect such noncompliance if it occurs, to correct such errors and discipline those involved in noncompliant behavior and to prevent future noncompliance.

Designation of Compliance Officer.  The Roswell Park Compliance Officer is Kathleen Mastrobattista, RHIT, CHC. ( The Compliance Officer reports on a regular basis to the Roswell Park Board of Directors on the activities of the Compliance Department.

Corporate Compliance Summary

View the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center Corporate Compliance Summary Policy
Effective 5/19/23


Prevention of violations.  The Compliance Program is intended to prevent violations of applicable laws, regulations and ethical standards by educating Roswell Park’s physicians, management, employees and agents on legal, regulatory and ethical requirements, and providing answers to questions.  All Roswell Park employees are encouraged to seek advice from appropriate resources, including the Compliance Officer, whenever they are uncertain as to the proper course of action in matters involving legal, regulatory or ethical issues. 

Detection and reporting of violations.  Roswell Park’s compliance program is also intended to detect and correct violations or potential violations of applicable laws, regulations and ethical standards.  It is the obligation of each physician, director, officer, employee or agent of Roswell Park, consistent with Roswell Park’s commitment to compliance, to report promptly any compliance issues that come to his or her attention.

Compliance hotline.  Roswell Park has established a telephone Hotline for reporting instances of misconduct or non-compliance.  The Hotline number is (716) 845-3566. The Hotline may be used to report suspected instances of non-compliance by employees, patients, vendors, and contractors.  Concerns can be reported anonymously through the Hotline.

Non-retaliation.  It is the policy of Roswell Park that no individual shall be retaliated against or intimidated for good faith participation in the Compliance Program and/or reporting compliance issues to governmental agencies or officers as provided in federal or State law.

Corporate Compliance team

Kathleen Mastrobattista, RHIT, CHC
Compliance Officer
Direct Dial: 716-845-8413
Compliance Hotline: 716-845-3566

Jennifer Shores, RHIA. CHC
Compliance Analyst
Direct Dial: 716-845-4026
Compliance Hotline: 716-845-3566