Finding ways to gain control over cancer 

Since 2008, the major goal of Dr. Gurova’s lab has been identifying novel targets for anti-cancer treatment and approaches to modulate these targets. 

Several novel small molecules with anti-cancer properties were identified in our lab. One of them, curaxin CBL0137, is currently being tested in clinical trials. 

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Curaxins were discovered in a cell-based screening for novel type of activators of tumor suppressor p53.  The search for the mechanism of action of curaxins brought us to the field of chromatin biology, since curaxins appeared to be the “first in the class” – pure “chromatin damaging” compounds.  

The current focus of our research is understanding the chromatin alterations in cancer, the reasons chromatin destabilization is more toxic for tumor than for normal cells, how chromatin stability is regulated, and whether it is possible to utilize some chromatin remodeling factors, e.g., histone chaperone, as targets for anti-cancer treatment. 

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We work with research partners in Sydney, Moscow, and Cleveland.

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