The Gurova Lab is making a global impact through collaborations with cancer scientists across the U.S. and around the world.

Childrens Cancer Institute Australia (CCIA) 

CCIA Staff

Our long-term collaborators include many investigators from CCIA in Sydney. We continue to collaborate on studies aimed at finding novel therapies for pediatric malignancies, such as: 

Our recent mutual papers with CCIA include: 

Russian National Cancer Center, Moscow 

Marianna Yakubovskaya and team

We have a long and successful collaboration with the lab of Marianna Yakubovskaya at the Russian National Cancer Center in Moscow. Her team has expertise in DNA structure and biology, interactions of small molecules with DNA, and chemical carcinogenesis. Together, we explore the effects of different non-carcinogenic molecules on DNA and chromatin. 

Our recent papers with Dr. Yakubovskaya’s team include:  

Cleveland Clinic  

George Stark

We work with several researchers at Cleveland Clinic's Lerner Research Institute, particularly George Stark. He assisted with characterizing the effects of quinacrine and curaxin against several different cancers, including NSCLC and glioblastoma. 

Our mutual papers with Dr. Stark include: 

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