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The Saint Regis Mohawk Scholars Program consists of three separate programs for students that belong to the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe. These programs are available to high school and college students and all promote the shared goal of supporting Mohawk students in educating and taking an interest in Indigenous health issues, particularly Akwesasne.

This program is made possible by a four-year grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the creation of the Akwesasne Research Centers for Health (ARCH). SRMT is the prime grant recipient and the Department of Indigenous Cancer Health and Education Department at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center serves as a scientific partner.

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Mohawk Youth Health Ambassador Afterschool Program

The Mohawk Youth Health Ambassador Afterschool Program (MYHA) is available to all Mohawk high school juniors enrolled at Salmon River high school and Massena High School. These afterschool sessions run for one hour and encourage students to join the conversation regarding:

  • Social factors of health and wellness.
  • Research through Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science.
  • Study causes of cancer, and how these risk factors disproportionately impact Indigenous communities.
  • Community outreach and engagement.

Students meet weekly afterschool with the ARCH Project Coordinator and virtual speakers like Roswell Park researchers, SRMT department leaders, and other Haudenosaunee leaders in health and wellness to learn about health equity, health disparities, and health-related areas of study and careers.

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Follow the journeys of Akwesasne high school students as they visit the Roswell Park Campus for an immersive summer internship experience.

ARCH High School Summer Research Internship

Mohawk high school juniors and those who participate in the MYHA Afterschool Program are eligible to apply to a three-week summer internship program at Roswell Park. Summer interns are matched with research scientists from Roswell Park and work on diverse research projects. High school interns will learn about the hallmarks of cancer and work closely with members of our Department of Indigenous Cancer Health. This is a paid internship opportunity, and includes free housing.

ARCH College Summer Research Internship

Available to college students from the Mohawk nation, this ten-week summer internship pairs students with professionals that work in a specialty area of cancer research. College students are matched with mentors based on their academic interests and needs.

This summer internship will support current research studies led by their mentors at Roswell Park. College students will also have opportunities to participate in community outreach with Indigenous staff members from Roswell Park's Department of Indigenous Cancer Health, as well as provide peer mentorship to high school students when they arrive in the last three weeks of the program.

ARCH college internship program offers up to 5 paid summer internship per year to students and include free housing. During their stay, students will be accommodated in dormitories located in downtown Buffalo at Canisius College. This is the same location where many of Roswell Park's other college internship programs are hosted, as well as the high school internship program.

Jake Maresca, left, Flint Swamp, center, and Dakota Lazore-Swan, right, spent 10 weeks working with Roswell Park experts as part of a summer research program organized through the Center for Indigenous Cancer Research.
Summer students eager to be the future of medicine

Jake, a nursing student, has decided to pursue his doctorate in research, something he credits his mentors at Roswell Park with inspiring. “They started campaigning for me to get my PhD, so that’s what I’ve decided. I’m going to apply for the nursing PhD program. I’m hoping to get a job at Roswell Park as a nurse and I’ll be able to continue my research I’ve been working on this summer. When all these opportunities kind of lay right in front of you, I think it’s a good idea to take them.”

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