Immunotherapy for Glioblastoma

Dr. Fenstermaker discusses SurVaxM Brain Cancer vaccine


An immunotherapy is a treatment designed to help your own immune system fight disease. Cancer vaccines are a type of immunotherapy.

Roswell Park researchers have developed a cancer vaccine called SurVaxM that targets survivin, a protein produced by most cancers — including a form of brain cancer called glioblastoma, a very aggressive cancer that is difficult to treat. Glioblastoma cells need survivin to stay alive. SurVaxM stimulates the patient’s immune system to produce white blood cells that can attack and kill tumor cells containing survivin.

The vaccine is offered to eligible patients through clinical trials. Find out about any available clinical trials of SurVaxM or other promising new treatments.

Since the video above was produced in September 2012, Drs. Fenstermaker and Ciesielski have made progress in studying the safety and effectiveness of SurVaxM. We encourage you to read the following updates about this promising brain cancer vaccine.


SurVaxM Brain Cancer Vaccine Timeline