Brain Cancer Treatment

Learn how Dr. Fenstermaker and a multidisciplinary team of experts tackle each phase of brain cancer treatment.

More Options, Better Outcomes

Surgery is a primary treatment for brain tumors. As an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, Roswell Park offers the latest innovative techniques, procedures and tools, which have significantly improved the effectiveness and safety for surgical treatment of brain tumors. Brain surgery now incorporates minimally invasive techniques, and has become safer and more complete with intraoperative MRI and stereotactic navigation in the brain. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy, too, are safer and more effective than ever.  SurVaxM, a brain cancer vaccine developed here at Roswell Park, is offered through clinical trials for eligible patients with glioblastoma.

Investigative Approaches

The need for new and better brain tumor treatments remains urgent. Through our robust research program, we can offer patients access to treatments they would not have through other cancer care providers. Some of our current work includes:

  • The development of new drugs
  • Finding new ways to uses existing cancer drugs or therapies
  • The discovery of new targets or pathways to attack the cancer

In the Pipeline

Promising new development in brain cancer research at Roswell Park:

First-of-its-kind brain cancer vaccine developed at Roswell Park
The SurVaxM vaccine is designed to destroy cancer cells that remain after surgery by targeting survivin, a protein expressed by most tumors, including 90 percent of malignant gliomas.