Dr. Michael Ciesielski is developing new ways to treat brain tumors at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Future Treatments for Brain Tumors

Roswell Park places strong emphasis on translational research —accelerating the transfer of discoveries from the laboratory to the clinic, so patients will benefit faster. Our Neuro-Oncology team focuses research on:

  • The development of new drugs
  • Finding new ways to use existing cancer drugs or therapies
  • The discovery of new targets or pathways to attack the cancer
  • Better ways of treating radiation necrosis — damage to healthy cells that can occur as a result of radiation therapy.
  • Better ways of treating gliosarcoma, a rare type of brain cancer
  • Innovative uses of radiosurgery for tumors that had previously not been treatable
  • The use of novel noninvasive imaging studies to identify tumor progression versus radiation treatment effect
  • Expanding radiosurgery treatment options beyond traditionally accepted limits in a safe and effective way

We understand how frightening a brain tumor diagnosis can be. Contact us for a consultation with our brain tumor team, and let’s talk about how we can help.

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