Clinical Trials for Brain Tumors

The need for new and better brain tumor treatments remains urgent. Through our clinical trials program, we can offer eligible patients access to treatments that might not be available to them at other centers.

A clinical trial is a research study designed to evaluate a promising new medical treatment. It could involve a new way of preventing, diagnosing and/or treating cancer. Clinical trials may focus on:

  • New ways of preventing cancer with drugs, diet and/or exercise
  • New ways to better diagnose cancer
  • New drugs to treat cancer
  • New ways to use existing treatments, such as surgery or radiation therapy
  • New ways to improve quality of life for patients with cancer

When the information from a clinical trial shows that the treatment being studied is more effective than standard treatments, it becomes the new standard of care.

Every treatment that is now FDA-approved began as a treatment being studied in a clinical trial. Patients who enrolled in that clinical trial had access to that treatment before it was FDA-approved and widely available.

Available Clinical Trials

Half or more of all Roswell Park patients are eligible to enroll in a clinical trial.

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