Community Outreach and Engagement (COE) Team

Elizabeth Bouchard, PhD, Associate Director, Community Outreach and Engagement

Nikia Clark, Health Education Specialist

Glenda Colon, Institute Worker

Isnory Colon, Bilingual Navigator

Jomary Colon, Senior Health Referral Specialist, Esperanza y Vida Project Coordinator

Cassie Dauphin, Health Education Specialist, Buffalo/Niagara Witness Project

Deborah Erwin, PhD, Professor of Oncology, Cancer Prevention & Population Sciences, Community Outreach & Engagement

Diana Firkins, Administrative Assistant

Frances Harfouche, MSW, Scientific Research Project Administrator

Rodney C. Haring, PhD, MSW, Assistant Member, Cancer Prevention and Control, and Assistant Professor of Oncology

Whitney Ann E. Henry, Clinical Research Associate I

Beverly A Johnson-Boutwell, Health Referral Specialist

Detric Johnson, Community Outreach Manager, The National Witness Project

Anna Perlova, Community Patient Navigator

Elisa M. Rodriguez, PhD, MS, Assistant Member, Cancer Prevention and Control, Director, Community Engagement Resource

Kristy Tyson, BBA, MBA Community Patient Navigator