Roswell Park COE Catchment Map

Roswell Park's Catchment Area

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center is located in western New York State (WNY), serving both urban centers and rural areas. Our primary catchment area consists of eight counties and 1.5 million people, with approximately 60% of that base residing in Erie County. Our Office of Community Outreach & Engagement is always striving to increase our reach and impact both within our catchment area and beyond.

Easing the area's cancer burden

Click to watch the entirety of the WNY Cancer Snapshot press conference, held on Thursday, September 22, 2022

One of the core focuses of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Department of Cancer Prevention & Control is to assess the impact of cancer across Western New York (WNY). This team has compiled a new resource to report to the community those cancers that are most prevalent, documenting noteworthy changes in cancer incidence, deaths from cancer and variations in these trends among people of different races or ethnicities.

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COE strategic priority areas

Community Needs & Priorities: Social Detriments of Health, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Tobacco Use and Physical Activity8 & Nutrition

Based upon data from our catchment area and input from community stakeholders we have identified key priority areas of focus to reduce the cancer burden in the Roswell Park catchment area.

Community Data Resource (CDR)

Our team continually monitors cancer-relevant metrics on our catchment area. These data can be helpful to researchers to enhance the public health impact and feasibility for grants.

A few examples:

  • How many people currently smoke in Western NY?
  • How many lung cancer patients does Roswell Park see per year?
  • What is the current colorectal cancer screening rate in Erie county?

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Frances Harfouche, MSW
Frances Harfouche, MSW
Phone: 716-845-4887

Community Engagement Resource (CER)

Input from patient advocates and community stakeholders can help enhance the significance of research. Working with advocates can also increase the feasibility of research designs so more people agree to participate.

Please contact us early in your research development so we can help connect you with a community advocate.

Research scientist profile/advocate request form

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ROCKstar advocate profile

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More information

Nikia Clark
Nikia Clark, BS
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