Resources & Services for Testicular Cancer Patients

We understand the worry and confusion that come with a diagnosis of cancer. In addition to superior medical care and the latest technology, Roswell Park provides a comprehensive range of services to help you cope with the emotional, financial and day-to-day concerns related to your illness.

When you walk through the doors of Roswell Park, rest assured that you’ll find the care and support you need — before, during and after your cancer treatment. Roswell Park services are available to all our patients, but the following may be particularly helpful to those with a diagnosis of testicular cancer.

Young Adult Cancer Program

The Young Adult Cancer Program offers a range of supportive services, networking opportunities  and social events designed specifically for cancer patients and survivors in their 20s and 30s.

Onco-Fertility Program

Our Onco-Fertility Program provides information and guidance about the potential impact your cancer and its treatment may have on your sexual health and fertility and your options for preserving it. We also help our patients and survivors with intimacy concerns and sexual dysfunction.

Sexual Health Clinic

We understand that some of the side effects of treatment can be difficult to talk about. A visit to our Sexual Health Clinic will include a candid discussion with urologist Ahmed Aly Hussein Aly, MD. After learning about the problems you face, Dr. Aly can offer you real solutions to help you regain a healthy life.

Smoking Cessation

It’s always important to quit smoking or any tobacco use, but it’s especially critical if you’re undergoing cancer treatment. Continued smoking can affect your treatment as well as your risk for future cancers. Roswell Park’s Tobacco Treatment Service can help.

Resource Center for Patients & Families

Our staff can help you find reliable, current information on many cancer topics, access books, videos, computers and printers, get a hat, and connect with Roswell Park and community resources. The Resource Center for Patients & Families is located inside the Sunflower Café on the hospital’s first floor.

Supportive & Palliative Care Program

Supportive and Palliative Care is a medical subspecialty that focuses on quality of life issues for patients and their families as they cope with their cancer and its treatment. Sometimes confused with hospice or end-of-life care, supportive and palliative care is provided at any stage of a serious illness alongside cancer treatment. Our team provides essential support and symptom management to relieve pain, nausea, poor sleep and anxiety; ease emotional distress; and improve quality of life.

Survivorship Program

The Survivorship Program brings together many of our clinical and supportive services specifically designed to help you cope with physical, emotional and practical issues that arise from your cancer or its treatment. We provide ongoing comprehensive care after you graduate from active treatment to help you face forward and aim for a higher level of lifelong wellness.

Transplant Support Group

The Transplant & Cellular Therapy Patient/Caregiver Support Group offers support and resources for patients and their caregivers who have received or are planning to receive a stem cell transplant.