The Young Adult Cancer Program

Supportive services designed specifically for cancer patients and survivors in their 20s and 30s.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is never easy, nor are the challenges you may face during and after your treatment. We are here to keep you informed, provide resources throughout your journey, connect you with like-minded peers, and most importantly, help you stay positive!

No one fights cancer alone! Share your personal story or read the experiences of others who have been touched by cancer. 

Cancer and cancer treatments can affect your ability to have children. We will help you understand what your risks are and what fertility preservation options are available to you.

Our program offers various events, workshops and an annual retreat for our young adult community… FREE of charge! Don’t let your cancer diagnosis get in the way of being the fun, social person that you are!

Our team consists of a physician, a psychologist, a social worker, our program manager, and our program coordinator, who are all available to meet with you to asses your specific needs.