Michaeld Kuettel, MD, PhD, MBA

Why Roswell Park for Prostate Cancer?

US News High Performing Hospital for Prostate Cancer Surgery 2022 to 2023

A leader in prostate cancer surgery

Recognized as a High Performing Hospital for Prostate Cancer Surgery, by U.S. News & World Report, Roswell Park is a leader in prostate cancer surgery. Our surgeons have high-volume experience in minimally invasive surgery that results in a shorter hospital stay, less pain and blood loss, faster return to normal activities and improved tolerance to additional therapy.

Survival rates higher than the national average

At Roswell Park, we compare our survival data with data collected nationally by the National Cancer Institute’s Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) program. The most recent data available, for 2006-2013, show that our five-year survival rates are higher than those recorded by SEER.

A world-class team

A member of our Prostate team helps write the national guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer set by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN). Michael Kuettel, MD, PhD, MBA, Chair of the Department of Radiation Medicine, serves on the NCCN Prostate Cancer Treatment Panel.

Accurate detection & diagnosis

Roswell Park’s pathologists are highly skilled, because they focus on cancer — nothing but cancer. They are expert at determining whether it is an aggressive or low-risk cancer, and which treatments are likely to work best. Roswell Park can also sequence your DNA — or your cancer’s DNA — to assess the risk of cancer in your children or to match you with any new targeted treatments that are likely to work best for you.

The latest, most promising treatments — only if you need them

Studies show that many cases of low-risk prostate cancer are over-treated in the U.S., leaving you to deal with significant side effects for the rest of your life — even though in most cases, the disease would likely never cause symptoms or lead to death. Our physicians do not benefit financially by recommending a specific treatment and will discuss active surveillance with you if it is appropriate for you.

If your Roswell Park team determines that your cancer should be treated, you’ll have access to all the options that are right for you, from robot-assisted surgery to image-guided radiation, immunotherapy and clinical trials of the latest treatments.

An entire team of experts in your corner

Roswell Park provides multidisciplinary care. That means your case will be reviewed by a team of specialists — experts in pathology, radiology, radiation medicine, surgery, medicine and other clinical areas. Working together, they’ll consider your possible treatment options from every angle to ensure that you’ll receive the very best care.

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