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Why Roswell Park for Prostate Cancer?

Our world-class team

A Patient's Guide to Prostate Cancer book cover by Dr. Khurshid Guru

A Patient’s Guide to Prostate Cancer

This essential guide — written by Roswell Park’s prostate cancer experts — will help walk you through what to expect with your diagnosis, treatment and beyond, so you can make informed decisions about what’s best for you.

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Our accomplished physicians are leaders in the field and hold leadership roles in the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN). Our experts do more than follow the evidence based NCCN treatment guidelines used by physicians around the world; they write them.

  • Roswell Park urologist Eric Kauffman, MD, serves on the NCCN panel that writes the national guidelines for Prostate Cancer Early Detection.
  • Radiation oncologist Michael Kuettel, MD, PhD, MBA, Chair of the Department of Radiation Medicine, serves on the NCCN panel that writes the national guidelines for the treatment of prostate cancer.
  • Multidisciplinary care team that includes board-certified oncology-focused experts in urology, pathology, radiology, radiation medicine and other clinical areas. Working together, they’ll consider all your possible treatment options, including active surveillance.

Accurate detection & diagnosis

Many cases of low-risk prostate cancer are over-treated in the U.S., leaving men to deal with significant side effects the rest of their lives — even though in most cases, the disease would likely never cause symptoms or lead to death. Accurate detection and precise diagnosis is key to determining whether your prostate cancer is an aggressive or low-risk type, and which treatments are likely to work best.

  • Radiologists with special expertise in multiparameter Prostate MRI to distinguish aggressive prostate cancers from indolent or inactive types.
  • Pathologists who focus on cancer. In up to 20% of the prostate cases our pathologists review, the diagnosis — and subsequent risk group assessment — is changed, impacting every treatment decision.

The latest, advanced treatments — only if you need them

ACR Radiation Oncology Accreditation Seal

Our physicians do not benefit financially by recommending a specific treatment and will discuss active surveillance if it is appropriate for you. If you need treatment, however, you need access to latest options, including:

  • High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) therapy, an outpatient, nonsurgical option that uses ultrasound waves to destroy only the cancerous part of the prostate gland, leaving healthy tissue alone and resulting in fewer side effects than surgery.
  • Robot-assisted surgery. Roswell Park’s robotic surgery program was among the nation’s first, and our high-volume experience has translated into superior outcomes, including for preservation of erectile function and urinary continence.
  • Radiation therapy from a Radiation Medicine program that has achieved a Gold Standard of Accreditation by the American College of Radiology (ACR).
  • Immunotherapies and other novel drugs from providers with the experience to provide them appropriately and prevent and mange side effects.
  • Access to clinical trials of the newest emerging options.

Comprehensive care for you, beyond your cancer

Roswell Park’s offers a wide range of supportive services to care for you and not just your cancer, including nutrition services, physical therapy, counseling, pain management, spiritual care, tobacco cessation, acupuncture, art, music and pet therapy programs and more. Other highlights include:

  • Sexual health clinic to address any side effects or other issues that affect sexual life or urinary control.
  • Survivorship Center that focuses on patients who have completed treatment to address new or ongoing effects and help you aim for a higher level of life-long wellness.

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