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Receiving a cancer diagnosis of any kind begins a difficult journey. One of the first challenges is learning about your diagnosis and your treatment options so you can make informed life-altering decisions.

That’s why the prostate cancer experts at Roswell Park have developed a patient-focused book, A Patient’s Guide to Prostate Cancer. Written in everyday language with many illustrations throughout the text, the book helps to guide patients, their families and caregivers to understand the disease and its treatment from diagnosis through survivorship. It includes:

  • How to understand your PSA, Gleason score and risk stratification.
  • Detailed descriptions of prostate cancer treatment approaches including active surveillance, surgery, radiation and more.
  • What to expect from surgery, how to prepare for it and optimize your recovery.
  • Straight talk about sexual function, urinary issues and options for treatment.

The book is produced by ATLAS, the Applied Technology Laboratory for Advanced Surgery at Roswell Park, drawing in part on questions and suggestions from prostate cancer patients. It was the brainchild of Khurshid Guru, MD, Chair of the Department of Urology, Director of Robotic Surgery and Director of ATLAS, who brought together a team of physicians, a medical illustrator and other experts to create the content. Request your copy by submitting the form below.

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