Prostate Cancer Treatment: More Options, Better Outcomes

No single treatment choice is right for everyone, so it is important for men to be actively involved in the decision-making process with their health care team. Choices will depend on the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level, stage and grade of the cancer, the chances that it will become life threatening, medical history and age.

"When a diagnosis of prostate cancer is made, don’t panic. Step back and don’t rush into any decisions." - Michael Kuettel, MD, PhD, MBA, Chair, Department of Radiation Medicine

Because prostate cancer is typically very slow growing, there is time for you to consider your options and make the choice that’s right for you, especially if you have early-stage prostate cancer or cancer that has not spread to the lymph nodes or other organs of the body. Consider all aspects of each of the treatment options: cost, cure rates, side effects and lifestyle changes. Then discuss the pros and cons with your physician, family, friends or other men who have faced a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Our Multi-D Approach

Your treatment plan will be evaluated by an entire team of physicians so you can rest assured that every possible approach has been considered. This is what we call our Multi-D Approach: prostate cases are reviewed by members of Roswell Park’s multidisciplinary team during prostate meetings held biweekly. Specialists from radiation, pathology, surgery, radiology, medicine and other clinical areas present at these meetings.