Our clinical dietitians will help you plan a well balanced diet to overcome any difficulties chewing or swallowing.

Survivorship Services for Patients with Head & Neck Cancer

Promoting good health through good nutrition

Because cancer patients and survivors have unique needs, all members of our Clinical Nutrition team have earned — or are preparing to earn — their credentials as board-certified specialists in oncology (cancer) nutrition. They can show you ways to overcome any problems you may have with chewing or swallowing and provide information to help you make healthy food choices to meet your personal nutrition needs. This is especially important for your recovery and your health over the long term.

Social support & guidance 

A diagnosis of cancer often causes great distress. Our team of social workers and clinical psychologists provide individualized assistance and support for you and your family. Services include:

  • Informational programs about cancer
  • Emotional support, including support groups and psychotherapy
  • Assistance with sick leave and disability
  • Assistance in making arrangements for lodging, transportation or an interpreter 
  • Help in making connections with financial assistance programs and other community resources
  • Assistance with advance care planning, palliative care and/or hospice referrals, as needed

Smoking cessation

If you have been diagnosed with head and neck cancer, and you or someone who lives with you smokes, you should know that exposure to cigarette smoke is likely to make your treatment less effective, slow your recovery and increase the risk of complications. You’ll find help in quitting right here, through our Tobacco Cessation Treatment Services.

New York State Smokers’ Quitline

The NYS Smokers' Quitline is based at Roswell Park and supported by the New York State Department of Health Tobacco Control Program. Call 1-866-NY-QUITS (1-866-697-8487).

Relief for dry mouth caused by treatment

Some patients who receive radiation treatments to the head and neck may experience xerostomia, or a very dry mouth. Because drug treatments for this condition can cause side effects, Roswell Park offers the alternative of Acupuncture-Like Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (ALTENS). This non-invasive treatment delivers low-voltage electrical pulses through electrodes placed on the skin.

Roswell Park’s Survivorship Program

Our Survivorship Program aims to help you live a happy, healthy life. You’ll find assistance for fatigue, pain and other side effects of your cancer; yoga classes; massage therapy; and emotional support, among many other services.