Why Roswell Park for Head & Neck Cancer?

We know cancer best

Because we are a dedicated cancer center, we see head and neck cancer every single day. We treat even the rarest cancers. The specialists on our team have both the knowledge and experience to create the most effective treatment plan for you while minimizing and managing any side effects.

We’re recognized nationwide as a top cancer center

US News Best Hospitals 2021 - 2022

Roswell Park is recognized by the National Cancer Institute as one of the nation’s elite comprehensive cancer centers. U.S. News & World Report has named us one of the top centers for cancer care in the U.S.

We deliver a fast, accurate diagnosis

Roswell Park’s pathologists focus exclusively on cancer. Their expertise ensures an accurate diagnosis from the very beginning. This is especially important because it can be difficult to tell the difference between some types of cancer — and getting the diagnosis right is essential for choosing the right treatment plan. Between 11-18% of cases sent to Roswell Park for a second opinion result in a change of diagnosis.

You’ll have the assurance of multidisciplinary care

In some cases, patients have come to Roswell Park from other centers after being told their tumors were inoperable, but our physicians found ways to make surgery not only possible but successful. Our specialists from Head & Neck, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Neurosurgery, Radiation Medicine, Medical Oncology and Neuroradiology all work together to find solutions to even the most difficult challenges of treating this disease.

We’re ahead of the pack with the latest, most promising treatments

Chances of a cure increase if a head and neck tumor can be removed completely. We offer a range of surgical techniques to match your needs, including minimally invasive transoral robotic surgery (TORS), transoral laser microsurgery, endoscopic skull base surgery, skull base surgery with partial facial translocation, and advanced reconstruction techniques, including free tissue transfer (free flap surgery).

Many of our patients are eligible to participate in clinical trials of the latest therapies, which may not be available elsewhere. Some of these involve photodynamic therapy (PDT), a nontoxic treatment developed right here at Roswell Park and now in use around the world.

We help set the national standards

Wesley Hicks, Jr., MD, FACS, Chair of the Department of Head & Neck/Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, is among the experts who serve on the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) panel that writes the national guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of cancers of the head and neck.

You’ll find all the services you need in one location

We provide specialized and supportive services in one location for greater convenience, coordination of care and close communication among the members of your Roswell Park team.  

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