Resources & Services for Patients with Head & Neck Cancer

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This wide range of information is given to you from Roswell Park experts and trusted organizations that specialize in this area of healthcare.

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We understand the worry and confusion that comes with a diagnosis of cancer. Roswell Park provides a comprehensive range of support services to help you cope with the physical, emotional, practical and day-to-day concerns related to your illness, treatment and lifelong wellness.

Our services are available to all cancer patients and their families, and patients with head & neck cancer may find the following particularly useful.

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Assistance with communication & swallowing

Head and neck cancers — or their treatment — may result in difficulty communicating or swallowing. Our Speech/Language Pathology team diagnoses and treats these problems. The team also provides pre-surgery and pre-radiation counseling to help you prepare for treatment and recovery.

Dental care & maxillofacial prosthetics

Good oral health is important to prevent or minimize complications that could jeopardize your ability to tolerate cancer treatment, meet nutritional requirements, or preserve quality of life — and is especially critical for patients with head & neck cancers. Our team will make sure your appointments take place at appropriate times in your treatment schedule.

Dental care

Smoking cessation

If you have been diagnosed with head and neck cancer, and you or someone who lives with you smokes, you should know that exposure to cigarette smoke is likely to make your treatment less effective, slow your recovery and increase the risk of complications. Our Tobacco Cessation services can help.

Cessation services

Nutrition services

Our nutrition team can help you overcome any problems you may have with chewing or swallowing and provide information to help you make healthy food choices to meet your personal nutrition needs. This is especially important for your recovery and your health over the long term.

Nutrition services

Survivorship Care

We aim to make life after cancer the best it can be. Our Survivorship program offers you a survivorship care plan — a comprehensive guide — to help you face forward, stay healthy, cope with lingering or new challenges and begin life beyond cancer treatment.