Hematologic Oncologists

A hematologic oncologist specializes in treating patients with cancer types that affect blood cells and in providing treatments such as stem cell or bone marrow transplants.

Radiation Oncologists

A radiation oncologist is a physician who specializes in radiotherapy approaches to fight cancer. For lymphoma, radiation therapy may be used by itself or in combination with chemotherapy.


A pathologist is a physician who analyzes your blood, tissue and bone marrow samples to determine whether myeloma cells are present. Roswell Park’s team includes highly specialized hematopathologists, who focus on blood cancers, and experts in cytogenetics, who examine the chromosome structure of the cancer cells.

Advanced Practice Providers

An advanced practice provider (APP) is a medical professional such as a physician assistant or nurse practitioner. APPs work in all areas of the hospital and play important roles in the development and implementation of your treatment plan. They perform examinations, order tests, interpret data and prescribe medication.