How to Get a Second Opinion at Roswell Park

If you have been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)/small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL), you need a second opinion. We will ensure you get it without delay.

We can arrange for Roswell Park’s experts, including hematopathologists who focus specifically on blood cancers, to review your bloodwork right away, and set up a consultation with the CLL team.

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Why it matters for CLL

The newest drugs for CLL treatment target cancer cells that have specific biomarkers or mutations, and it’s important to know whether your cells have these characteristics because then your cancer may respond better to one of these newer treatments.

Roswell Park is equipped with the most advanced imaging and diagnostic tools available. Our expert pathologists can accurately diagnose your disease and also pinpoint unusual characteristics or mutations at the genetic or molecular levels — information that can determine whether you’re eligible to enroll in clinical trials of the latest treatments.

In addition, Roswell Park’s Transplant & Cellular Therapy Center is one of the nation’s top centers for blood or marrow transplant (stem cell transplant).