Utilizing multi-omics integration to better understand tumoral-, microenvironmental, and immune-metabolism 

As an interdisciplinary computational biologist, Dr. Rosario’s research focuses on developing and implementing integrative computational approaches to -omics data sets to reveal novel insight into cancer development and therapy resistance. 

The Rosario Lab develops novel metabolomics assays, and bioinformatics tools for analyzing and visualizing metabolomics data, as well as the use of multi-omics integrative models and novel bioinformatics pipelines to identify unique patterns of dysregulated metabolism in the tumor, the tumor microenvironment, and immune milieu. 

These metabolic alterations can then be therapeutically leveraged for intervention, which we currently explore using both basic science and several multi-omics correlative studies utilizing clinical specimens from NIH-funded clinical trials. 

Lab Research
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Research focus

Our laboratory has two major goals: (1) Developing novel pipelines for assessing metabolomics data that can also integrate this data with other types of multi-omics data; and (2) understanding how dysregulated metabolism underlies alterations to the tumor, tumor microenvironment and immune landscape to alter therapeutic efficacy.  

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In addition to research and teaching roles, Dr. Rosario is associate director of Metaboanalytics and Informatics with Roswell Park’s Bioanalytics, Metabolomics, and Pharmacokinetics (BMPK) Shared Resource.

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Email: Spencer.Rosario@RoswellPark.org 
Phone: 716-845-1300 ext. 6271 

Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
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