Dr. Song Liu Song Liu, PhD

Song Liu


Special Interests:

Translational Bioinformatics Biomarker Discovery Companion Diagnostics Cancer Therapeutics Precision Medicine Immuno-Oncology

About Song Liu


I graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China in 2002. I obtained my PhD from The State University of New York at Buffalo in 2006, and received the post-doctoral training at Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) at Columbia University.

I was appointed to an Assistant Professor position at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in 2009, an Associate Professor position in 2012, and a full Professor position in 2016.

I completed the General Management Program at the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania in 2018 (WMP’18).


Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Professor of Oncology & Vice Chair
  • Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
  • Director of Bioinformatics


Education and Training:

  • BS - 2002 - University of Science and Technology of China
  • PhD - 2006 - State University of New York at Buffalo
  • Executive Education: General Management Program - Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania


  • Post-doctoral Fellow - Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) at Columbia University

Professional Memberships:

  • American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)
  • Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC)


Research Overview:

I am a Professor and Vice Chair of the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. My research revolves around the development and application of computational methods to address biologically important and/or clinically significant questions in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

I am currently one of the Principal Investigators of the Data Management and Resource-Sharing Center for the Immuno-Oncology Translational Network (IOTN), an NCI-funded Cancer Moonshot flagship initiative devoted to immunotherapy. I am the founding director of the Roswell Park CCSG Bioinformatics Core, and I co-lead the Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Core of an NCI-funded Cancer Immunotherapy P01 Program, which focuses on targeting the chemokine system to sensitize tumors to immunotherapy.

I am the author of more than 180 peer-reviewed publications, which have been cited over 10,000 times. I am an Associate Editors-in-Chief of Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics (GPB).


Full Publications list on PubMed

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