Educating the next generation of great surgeons using the latest technology is our passion and mission. That’s why ATLAS continually updates our training to match technological advances while keeping the cost as low as possible.

More than 400 surgeons have successfully completed the Fundamental Skills of Robot-Assisted Surgery (FSRS) training program here, making it one of the most established and respected training practices in the world for robotic surgery.

FSRS Comparison Chart

da Vinci Skills Simulator®

This augmented-reality simulation will guide you step-by-step, at your own pace, to develop the skills needed to master effective robot-assisted surgical techniques. You will have around-the-clock access to our training lab, providing ample opportunity to practice your new skills and learn on the simulator before transitioning to the robot.

Operating room observation

After observing robot-assisted surgeries performed by our experts across multiple disciplines, you will learn surgical techniques as well as how the robot is utilized for different surgeries. You can select which surgeries to observe based on your specialty or area of interest.

Our non-physician staff will provide hands-on tutorials, along with tips on the docking process, machine maintenance, and strategies for troubleshooting common problems that can arise.

LapSkills® simulator

Using augmented-reality-based training, the LapSkills® Simulator develops your skills with laparoscopic tools, ranging from basic concepts, such as camera control, to complex procedures, such as a full hysterectomy.

FLS Training Boxes

Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) training boxes and the corresponding curriculum will help you perfect your skills using laparoscopic tools in timed, practical exercises. If you choose to do so, you can purchase a separate FLS voucher through Webassessor and take the exam with one of our trained proctors.

da Vinci dry lab

Our dry lab training will give you a full introduction to the surgical robot including instruments, the docking process, and an overview of machine maintenance to help you successfully establish your practice. You will utilize the robot to master four basic tasks, completing a urethro-vesical anastomosis on an inanimate model.

Part of your FSRS certification will include an expert evaluation of your anastomosis completion utilizing the validated Robotic Anastomosis Competency Evaluation (RACE) scoring tool and the expertise and knowledge demonstrated in the final wet lab.

da Vinci tissue lab

The tissue lab training will allow you to transfer the anastomosis and suturing skills from the inanimate model to an animal tissue sample. An expert evaluation of your anastomosis completion utilizing the validated RACE scoring tool will again be implemented. Cautery and other skills can be practiced at this point with the tissue in preparation for the final wet lab.

da Vinci wet lab

You will be permitted to perform the robot-assisted surgery or surgeries of your choice on a wet model, guided by instructors while gaining hands-on experience. On your designated day, you will have access to the lab between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Digital textbook DVD

A digital textbook DVD will be provided as part of your training. It includes hours of video from various types of surgeries and written guidance to help develop your robot-assisted surgery skills.

Machine maintenance & use tutorial

Two versions of this tutorial will be provided: One from the robotic surgery staff in the operating room, and one from other ATLAS trainers. These trainings will further your confidence in robotic-assisted surgical techniques as well as a concrete understanding of typical troubleshooting and maintenance techniques.

Program extensions

Any of the below modules can be added to a program package already containing that module:

Module Cost (USD) Time
Operating Room Observation $50 8 hours
LapSkills® Simulator $100 4 hours
FLS Training Boxes $150 4 hours
da Vinci Dry Lab $300 4 hours
da Vinci Tissue Lab $500 4 hours
da Vinci Wet Lab $2,000 8 hours

Extended training program

Want to learn more by adding days or weeks to your training? This can be arranged. Please contact the ATLAS staff for updated fees based on your training interests.

Scheduling your training

  • For those travelling internationally, secure a B1 in lieu of H3 Visa first. This is the only accepted Visa for the FSRS training per Roswell Park Human Resources.
    • Once Visa is secured, we will book exact training dates.
    • Given the unpredictable nature for the Visa applications and approval, this whole process can take 3 to 4 months.
  • Payment must be made at least 30 days prior to arrival.
  • Cancellations submitted less than two weeks before your scheduled start date will result in forfeiting the full payment.
  • If training is rescheduled for a later time, or at the time of cancellation, the course director will roll over your payment pending review.
  • Leaving the program early may result in the loss of your certification if you have not completed the mandatory curriculum and will result in forfeiture of the full payment. (Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration.)
  • No certificate will be issued without full completion of the required course work.