NIH T32 Postdoctoral Research Training in Surgical Oncology

The Department of Surgical Oncology provides the opportunity for advanced training as a clinical scientist through an NIH-funded T32 training program. The T32 research program and clinical surgical oncology fellowship are combined into a three-year program. This includes full clinical training to meet and exceed Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO) requirements and two full years of research training. Under the direction of an advisory committee of leading surgical scientists nationwide, investigators at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center are eager to provide surgical oncology T32 fellows with scientific training to prepare them for a career as an independent translational clinician scientist. Research assignments are tailored to the interests of the fellows.

Opportunities range from basic research in immunology and genetics to molecular therapeutics, pharmacology and health services research. Fellows are provided a stipend equal to that of all clinical fellows at Roswell Park. Interested applicants should contact us so we can arrange for them to explore the opportunities at Roswell Park.

T32 Faculty Preceptors

Name/Degree(s) Rank Primary (& Secondary) Appointment(s) Role in Program Research Interest
Christine Ambrosone, PhD Professor Chair, Cancer Prevention and Control Laboratory Preceptor Molecular epidemiology
Sharon Evans, PhD Professor

Professor of Oncology, Department of Immunology

Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Immunology

Laboratory Preceptor

Cancer immunotherapy,

lymphocyte trafficking,

thermal therapy

Robert Fenstermaker, MD Professor Chair, Neuro-Oncology and Immunology Clinical Preceptor Cancer vaccines, neuro-oncologic surgery
Irwin Gelman, PhD Professor Chair, Cancer Genetics Laboratory Preceptor siRNA
Andrei Gudkov, PhD, DSci Professor, Sr. Vice President

Chair, Cell Stress Biology

Senior Vice President for Basic Science

Advisory Committee,

Laboratory Preceptor

Radio protection, anti-cancer drug discovery


Wesley Hicks Jr., MD, DDS Professor

Program Director, Head and Neck Surgery Fellowship

Staff Physician, Head and Neck Surgery

Clinical Preceptor

Tissue engineering, healing devices

Steven Hochwald, MD, FACS Professor Vice Chair and Chief of Gastrointestinal Surgery Clinical Preceptor GI cancers
Candace Johnson, PhD Professor, President & CEO

President & CEO

Wallace Family Chair in Translational Research

Professor of Oncology

Advisory Committee, Laboratory Preceptor Pharmacology and therapeutics, translational research
John Kane III, MD Associate Professor

Chief, Sarcoma/Melanoma Surgery

Surgical Oncology

Clinical Preceptor Melanoma vaccine
James Marshall, PhD Professor, Sr. Vice President Chair, Cancer Prevention and Population Sciences Laboratory Preceptor Identification and testing of chemoprevention strategies in human populations
James Mohler, MD Professor, Sr. Vice President

Chair, Urology

Senior Vice President for Translational Research

Advisory Committee, Laboratory and Clinical Preceptor Prostate cancer
Kirsten Moysich, PhD Professor and Academic Chair

Professor and Academic Chair
Department of Cancer Prevention and Control
Department of Immunology
Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Research Professor
Department of Social and Preventive Medicine
State University of New York at Buffalo

Laboratory Preceptor

Immune function in cancer etiology and prognosis, ovarian cancer epidemiology
Chumy Nwogu, MD Associate Professor

Director, Thoracic Surgery

Clinical Research

Junior Clinical Preceptor Detection and mechanisms of lung cancer metastases to lymph nodes, minimally invasive lung and esophageal cancer surgery
Kunle Odunsi, MD, PhD Professor

Chair, Gynecology

Deputy Director

Executive Director, Center for Immunotherapy

Laboratory and Clinical Preceptor Molecular characterization of tumor antigens in ovarian cancer, development of cancer vaccine therapies, early detection of ovarian cancer
Elizabeth Repasky, PhD Professor and Co-Leader

Professor of Oncology

Program Leader: Cell Stress and Biophysical Therapies

William Huebsch Professor of Immunology

Laboratory Preceptor Evaluation of novel therapeutics and the tumor microenvironment
Brahm Segal, MD Professor



Laboratory Preceptor Innate immune responses to infection and cancer
Joseph Skitzki, MD Assistant Professor

Sarcoma/Melanoma Service, Immunology

Surgical Oncology

Junior Clinical Preceptor Immunotherapy for cancer, regional therapy for cancer
Willie Underwood, MD, MSci, MPH Assistant Professor Urology and Health Disparities Director of Diversity, Junior Clinical Preceptor Social determinants of health and understanding