Patient Education

If you need tube feeding, your doctor will decide which type is best for you based on your medical problem, general health, and how long you will need it.
“A diagnosis of cancer has the potential to stop everything. It can delay or even eliminate large portions of your timeline and life goals, such as when or how to start a family.”
“It’s another component of creating the safest environment we can for our patients to receive care,” says Shirley Johnson, MBA, MS, RN, NEA-BC, Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Operations Officer at Roswell Park.
When gathering information to help you make informed decisions about vaccination for yourself and your family, it’s important to follow the science and weigh your own personal risks and benefits.
A Foley catheter is put in place when you cannot urinate normally, including after urological or gynecological surgery that affects the bladder — for example, surgery involving the prostate, bladder, kidney or uterus.
APPs are essential members of your clinical team at Roswell Park. How are they trained, and what types of things are they qualified to do?
Cancer patients and older adults are among those at higher risk for sepsis, which progresses rapidly and can be fatal. Knowing the symptoms and acting quickly could save your life.
Christina has experienced side effects along the way, but thanks to the new Chemotherapy Education Pathway, she was better equipped ahead of treatment. Knowing what might happen and how to deal with it has made the experience easier.
Cancer and cancer treatments can increase the chances of serious injury from even a minor fall. Why? Because you may be at higher risk for bleeding (including internal bleeding) and a weakened immune system (which means even a small cut can allow a serious infection to take hold). Here's how to safeguard against falling.
White blood cells, also called leukocytes or WBCs, are the centerpiece of the immune system’s response that helps your body fight off infections, destroy abnormal cells and prevent illness. What does it mean when levels of some of these cells are high or low?
Hemoglobin? Hematocrit? MCV? Here’s how to decode the results of your blood tests.

Roswell Park’s medical marijuana policy addresses the needs and concerns of patients, caregivers and practitioners who are registered with the NYS Medical Marijuana Program and the Roswell Park staff.