Patient education library goes digital

image of person using the MyRoswell patient portal on a tablet

Need to know whether you may eat before an upcoming scan or test? Want to learn about potential side effects of a new medication? Or, are you looking for what to expect from a radiation treatment session? Relevant articles and materials from Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Patient Education Library are now delivered electronically directly to you through the MyRoswell Patient Portal.

While you may always access the Patient Education Library on Roswell Park’s website, searching for just the right information among the volume of materials can take a bit of effort. Now, your cancer care team will send you the appropriate and specific patient education materials that relate to your personalized treatment plan electronically as well as offer paper copies. When you receive new Patient Education materials to your portal, you and your authorized users will receive email notifications, as well as push notifications through the MyRoswell mobile app. Delivering electronically will ensure your patient education materials are always accessible and you’ll have the most updated version available.

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