Cancer Research

The rate of breast cancer in Black and Hispanic/Latinx women continues to be of concern to doctors, as as these groups have higher death rates from breast cancer than non-Hispanic white women.
Given the risk of opioid addiction, doctors at Roswell Park decided to explore if restricting opioid prescriptions would affect patients’ recovery.
A team of Roswell Park physicians has published a study that shows the importance of financial counseling for cancer patients to help them avoid “financial toxicity,” or the worsening outcomes after treatment that one group of patients experienced.

When you think of clinical research, you may picture doctors and scientists collecting data or patients trying new treatment regimens. However, some very important people are missing from this picture: clinical research nurses.

Thanks to rapid advancements in technology, today we’re able to look deeper into the human body, detect cancer earlier, treat areas that once were inaccessible and perform surgery less invasively.
While one-third of the general population has insomnia symptoms, cancer patients and survivors are at increased risk for sleeping disorders due to symptoms and side effects of cancer and subsequent treatments.
Although progress is being made in detecting and understanding many types of cancer and what might cause them, gallbladder cancer remains something of a mystery. 
New research led by two researchers at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center may lead to using immunotherapy in treating Black women with aggressive breast cancer.
“Sometimes sickness can play life’s roll of film on a fast track. Looking at art, in my opinion, brings that feeling to a halt and helps each frame come alive.”

There’s no question that pancreatic cancer is a challenging disease to treat. National statistics reveal several hard truths: Survival rates remain unacceptably poor.

“Before you begin treatment, you should feel good knowing that you have done your due diligence, you are confident that you have received the correct diagnosis, and you are comfortable with your medical team and your treatment plan,” says Dr. Frederick.
"We hope that we can have an influence on bone pain caused by the myeloma; peripheral neuropathy; and the quality of life of patients, especially those in remission," says Dr. Hillengass.