Life After Uterine Cancer

We understand the worry and confusion that comes with a diagnosis of cancer. In addition to comprehensive medical care, Roswell Park provides a holistic range of services to help you cope with the physical, emotional, practical and day-to-day concerns related to your illness, treatment and lifelong wellness. We hope that our uterine cancer patients and their families find these resources helpful:

Resource Center

This center provides breast and GYN cancer information and resources for all patients and their caregivers. The center offers free wigs, scarves and hats for patients receiving chemotherapy, skincare classes, connections to support and advocacy groups and a lending library with print and video.

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Cancer Coach Program

This program offers patients the opportunity to speak with cancer survivors who know first-hand the impact of a cancer diagnosis. Talking with someone who has lived with cancer can be comforting and may help reduce the sense of anxiety and isolation. Patients may be matched with a coach based on cancer diagnosis, stage, age and/or gender. Cancer Coaches are trained and dedicated volunteers who provide support, comfort, and practical information. Cancer Coaches do not provide medical advice.

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This online Roswell Park community is for everyone whose life has been touched by cancer. CancerConnect provides a place where you can safely share your thoughts, ideas and concerns; meet other cancer patients, survivors, caregivers or loved ones; and participate in moderated information discussions.

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Sexual Health Clinic

Cancer and cancer treatment impact the ability to interact intimately in a number of ways. This clinic addresses issues such as low libido, pain with sex, anxiety, depression, body image, changes in anatomy or function of the genitals, breasts or skin, and other factors that affect sexual life.

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Supportive & Palliative Care

Supportive and palliative care is a medical subspecialty that focuses on quality-of-life issues for patients and their families. Unlike hospice or end-of-life care, supportive and palliative care is provided at any stage of a serious illness and alongside cancer treatment. Our team provides essential support and symptom management to relieve pain, nausea, poor sleep and anxiety; ease emotional distress; and improve quality of life.

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Survivorship Center

This center — specifically designed for our patients who have completed active treatment — offers clinical and supportive services to help you face forward and aim for a higher level of lifelong wellness.

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