Prevention & Early Detection for Head & Neck Cancers

Main Risk Factors

  • People who use tobacco products (smoked or chewed) or drink alcoholic beverages are at greatest risk for cancers of the head and neck. If you use tobacco and drink alcohol, your risk is even greater.
  • Infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV), a common sexually transmitted disease, has been linked to an increasing number of head & neck cancers.

Cancer Screening

Screening tests detect cancer’s hidden warning signs long before symptoms appear and when the disease is most treatable. Understand your screening needs and complete the cancer screening and prevention questionnaire to manage your cancer risk.

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Reduce your Risk of Cancer

The New York State Smokers’ Quitline, based at Roswell Park, can give you the help you need to quit. It’s a free, confidential service that provides effective stop-smoking assistance to all New York State residents who want to quit.

The Smokers' Quitline provides:

  • Telephone coaching in English or Spanish. We also provide translation services for other languages through Language Line Services.
  • A starter kit of free nicotine-replacement medications for eligible smokers.
  • Coaching and nicotine-replacement treatment coverage for at least two quit-smoking attempts per year.
  • A personalized click to quit service that sends regular quit messages to your phone or email.

If you already have cancer, quitting now can improve your chances for effective treatment. Find out about Roswell Park’s Tobacco Cessation Treatment Program.