Head and Neck Cancer Surgery

Roswell Park’s head & neck surgeons use the least-invasive methods to achieve complete tumor removal with the fewest possible side effects. When extensive surgery is unavoidable, the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery team will employ a variety of techniques to improve your appearance while safeguarding your quality of life.

Transoral Robotic Surgery

We offer Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) for the treatment of certain head & neck cancers. TORS helps preserve the ability to swallow, and it may also eliminate or reduce the need for radiation treatments after surgery. Compared with traditional surgery, it has been shown to speed recovery and is associated with less pain.

How does it work?

Seated at an operating room console, the surgeon operates three long, slim robotic arms capable of reaching deep into the mouth and throat. A camera introduced by one of the arms transmits magnified, three-dimensional images to the console, giving the surgeon a larger-than-life view of the tumor and surrounding area, for greater precision.