Understanding ovarian cancer

The McLean Laboratory is investigating why ovarian cancers grow and spread, with the goal of identifying new treatment approaches that can ultimately be translated to new options for patients. Additionally, our ongoing collaborative projects focus on optimizing quality of life for ovarian cancer patients both during and after active treatment. 

I believe that translational research is the path by which we advance care and outcomes for our ovarian cancer patients, while concurrently training the next generation of investigators. Karen McLean, MD, PhD, FACOG
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Research areas

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Areas of ovarian cancer research focus in the McLean laboratory include:

To carry out these studies, we use established cell lines and animal models, as well as patient-derived samples.


You’ll find research from the McLean laboratory in Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Gynecologic Oncology, Oncogene, Neoplasia and other cancer journals.

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Our team is collaborative and highly motivated. Dr. McLean highly values teaching and mentorship, helping each trainee reach the next step in their personal career goals. 

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The McLean laboratory is always looking for the best and brightest cancer scientists for post-doc, graduate trainee and undergraduate research roles.

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The McLean laboratory is an integral part of Roswell Park’s multidisciplinary focus on bench-to-bedside breakthroughs in curing ovarian cancer. Dr. McLean and team work closely with colleagues across campus and across the country: 

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Dr. McLean is a proud alumna of the Department of Defense Ovarian Cancer Academy, which has provided important networking and funding for her work.

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