Roswell Park Familial Ovarian Cancer Registry

The long range goal of our study is to identify all of the genes that predisposes a woman to developing ovarian cancer. The Familial OCR is a unique resource for discovering these new genes. 

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The Familial Ovarian Cancer Registry’s primary goal and purpose is to maintain the world’s largest source of genetic data and family history profiles for research of familial ovarian cancer and to find better methods for detecting treating, curing and eventually preventing familial ovarian cancer.

To date, the registry has collected and organized data from 2,700 families who are at high risk for familial ovarian cancer. The data is used to monitor patterns and trends and plays an important role in research to identify the underlying genetic causes of ovarian cancer.

The more data the Registry obtains, the more it can learn about familial ovarian cancer. Research conducted by the Registry will also help the scientific and medical communities learn more about ovarian cancer that seems to run in families.