Stem Cell Transplant for Testicular Cancer

A vital treatment option for patients with recurrent testicular cancer involves high dose chemotherapy with stem cell transplant. Higher doses of chemotherapy are often more effective in killing testicular cancer cells, but they also damage the bone marrow where new blood cells are made, requiring stem cell transplantation to rejuvenate the marrow.

In this procedure, stem cells are taken from the patient’s bloodstream and frozen prior to high-dose chemotherapy treatment. After treatment, the stem cells are transplanted back into the body where they settle in the bone marrow and begin generating new blood cells. Few patients with testicular cancer will need this treatment.

The Roswell Park advantage — our Transplant & Cellular Therapy Center

Roswell Park’s Transplant & Cellular Therapy Center is one of the nation’s top centers for stem cell transplant. We provide this advanced and complex treatment within our comprehensive care model that integrates essential support services such as physical therapy, side effect management, support groups and counseling.

Roswell Park’s transplant program is accredited the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT) signifying that we meet or exceed the highest standards of safety in cell collection and transplantation, and that our staff members have the education, training and experience to provide our patients the specialized care they need.

We are a BlueCross/Blue Shield Blue Distinction Center for transplant and have been designated a Center of Excellence by Optum, MultiPlan, Interlink and Cigna Life Source.

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