Risk Factors: Who Gets Spinal Tumors?

We don’t know why most people get primary spinal tumors, which start out in the spine. People with immune system disorders may be more likely to develop primary spinal cord lymphomas. Other types of spinal tumors may occur in some people who have a rare, inherited genetic disorder, such as:

  • Neurofibromatosis, types 1 (NF1) and 2 (NF2)
  • von Hippel Lindau-disease
  • Li-Fraumeni syndrome
  • Tuberous sclerosis

If you have been told you have one of these disorders or you have a family history of cancer, please contact Roswell Park’s Clinical Genetics Service to find out if you’re a candidate for genetic screening.

Most spinal tumors are metastatic tumors

About 90% of all spine tumors are metastatic or secondary tumors, which means the original cancer or primary tumor from another body area has spread to the spine. As many as 50% of patients with cancer will develop metastases to the spine, most commonly arising from breast, lung or gastrointestinal primary cancers.

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