Spinal Tumors

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a spinal tumor the experts at Roswell Park Cancer Institute are here for you. Our Neuro-Oncology team will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that meets both your needs and preferences. Whether you need a second opinion or are seeking treatment, we can help.

You’ll have access to physicians who set the standard for treatment of cancers worldwide. Our faculty serve on the Central Nervous System Cancers Panel of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network and creates NCCN guidelines that specify the best ways of preventing, detecting and treating specific types of cancer.

The treatment for spinal tumors can involve several specialists and you can see them all in one day at our Neuro-Oncology Center. Studies show an integrated team approach results in better treatment and better outcomes. Complicated cases — like most spinal tumors — require the multi-faceted treatment that you get at Roswell Park.

Nowhere else in Western New York can you find the full complement of diagnostic and treatment tools that are available at Roswell Park. Our advanced techniques and technology give our team the edge to successfully treat your spinal tumor while maintaining the highest level of patient safety.

We have one of only 400 board-certified neuropathologists currently practicing in the United States. These specialized pathologists have highly specific training and experience in the diagnosis of diseases of the central nervous system, including brain and spinal tumors.