Living with Lymphoma

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This wide range of information is given to you from Roswell Park experts and trusted organizations that specialize in this area of healthcare.

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A cancer diagnosis brings with it a range of challenges related to nutritional needs, financial and legal matters, emotional well-being and care at home, among many other issues. Roswell Park provides services to address these needs, all in one location.

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Survivorship Program

We offer services to help you manage the physical and emotional effects of your cancer diagnosis — including acupuncture, massage, mindfulness meditation, nutritional support, physical and occupational therapy, and much more. Specialists in the center can help you deal with such issues as chronic pain and fatigue. They will also develop a personalized survivorship plan specifying the care you will need to stay healthy after treatment has ended.

Survivorship services

The 11 Day Power Play Cancer Resource Center

Our staff can help you find reliable and current information on many cancer topics, access books, videos, computers and printers, and connect with Roswell Park and community resources. Check out our headwear boutique to find a hat, wig or scarf that’s right for you.

Resource Center

Young Adult Cancer Program

The Young Adult Cancer Program offers a range of supportive services, networking opportunities and social events designed specifically for cancer patients and survivors in their 20s and 30s.

Young Adult Cancer Program

Oncofertility Program

Our Oncofertility Program provides information and guidance about the potential impact your cancer and its treatment may have on your sexual health and fertility and your options for preserving it. We also help our patients and survivors with intimacy concerns and sexual dysfunction.

Onco-Fertility Program

Assessment & Treatment Center (ATC)

This center provides medical evaluation and treatment to our current patients with urgent, but not life-threatening, symptoms. The ATC is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The ATC is not an emergency room and does not accept walk-ins; you must be referred by your Roswell Park physician or the physician-on-call.

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