Fertility Preservation

Whether having children is top of mind or not something you’ve devoted much thought to, it’s important to learn how cancer can impact your fertility and your options available for preserving it. The information to learn and timely decisions to make can be overwhelming — we can help.

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Cancer treatment and fertility

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An important, but sometimes overlooked part of cancer and its treatment is the impact it may have on your ability to conceive or father children. While this issue may not be easy to discuss, it’s a necessary conversation because some decisions must be made before you begin cancer treatment. We will explain the fertility risks posed by your diagnosis and planned treatment, and the options available to you.

If you choose to move forward with fertility preservation, we will streamline the process, begin blood work and other tests, arrange appointments with Buffalo IVF Associates and coordinate with your oncology team.

Let us help you work through these decisions, so you can focus on fighting your cancer.

How we can help

Any patient of reproductive age may seek fertility preservation consultation and services. A visit with us will include:

  • Reviewing your planned cancer treatment
  • Identifying your risk for infertility
  • Explaining your options for fertility preservation and their cost
  • Communicating with the primary oncology team
  • If referred for fertility preservation, we will act as a liaison between Buffalo IVF Associates and your primary oncology team



For more information about fertility preservation options, call 1-800-ROSWELL.