Lung Cancer Treatments

How is Lung Cancer Treated?

Lung cancer treatment typically requires several therapy types and it’s important that your treatment plan is developed by a team of experts, with high-volume experience and current knowledge of the latest therapies.

Your treatment may include:

We encourage you to review your treatment options carefully and ask questions of your care team until you feel confident in your decision.

Making an Informed Decision

As a comprehensive cancer center that’s designated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Roswell Park has treatments unavailable to other providers. We understand how this can be reassuring but also overwhelming. We are committed to providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your treatment.

Important points to consider as you evaluate your options:

  • Side effects. Cancer treatments often damage healthy cells and tissues along with the cancer cells, so side effects are common. These side effects vary depending on the type and extent of treatment, and from one patient to the next. Knowing what to expect prior to treatment will allow you to be proactive in managing side effects or, taking quality of life into consideration, may also help you rule out particular treatment options.
  • Second opinion. Before starting treatment, you may want a second opinion about the diagnosis, the stage of cancer and the treatment plan. Some insurance companies require a second opinion; others may cover a second opinion if the woman requests it. Gathering medical records and arranging to see another doctor may take a little time. In most cases, a brief delay does not make treatment less effective.

Complementary Care

Some cancer patients may find relief from disease symptoms or treatment side effects by incorporating complementary medicine. An approach is called complementary medicine when it is used along with standard cancer treatment. Acupuncture, massage therapy, herbal products, meditation, vitamins or special diets are all examples of complementary approaches.

It’s important to talk with your doctor if you are considering exposing yourself to anything new. Some items that seem safe, such as certain herbal teas, may change the way your cancer treatment works. They can impact your health and be potentially harmful. Others may be harmful even if used alone so be sure to ask your physician or care team prior to trying any type of complementary care.

When Cancer Spreads to Your Liver

When cancer spreads from its original location to the liver, these new tumors, called liver metastases, need special treatment. Roswell Park offers innovative and advanced therapies unavailable elsewhere in the region that can improve survival and potentially cure the disease.

If you’ve been told your liver metastases cannot be removed surgically or are inoperable or unresectable, please contact us and ask for a second opinion from the liver metastases team.

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