US News High Performing Hospital for Lung Cancer 2022 to 2023

While lung cancer remains one of the most common cancer diagnoses, effective treatment requires uncommon care, including the latest treatment options and physicians with the expertise to perform and deliver them safely.

We are named a High Performing Hospital for Lung Cancer Surgery, by U.S. New & World Report, reflecting our top scores for this critical part of lung cancer treatment. Our thoracic surgeons are leaders in minimally invasive techniques that result in less pain, a shorter hospital stay and faster recovery.

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Why Roswell Park for lung cancer?

Recognized by the National Cancer Institute as one of the nation’s elite comprehensive cancer centers, we offer the most advanced thoracic surgery procedures, personalized medicine and cutting-edge radiotherapy approaches.

What sets us apart
Dr. Anurag Singh, Director of Radiation Research at Roswell Park

Treatment for lung cancer

At Roswell Park, you get more than a lung cancer physician, you get a team of experts who work together — thoracic surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, interventional pulmonologists, plus supportive care to treat you, and not just your cancer.

Learn about lung cancer treatments
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Access to clinical trials

The newest drugs, immunotherapies and cancer vaccines are offered only through clinical trials and are important options for many patients with lung cancer.

Clinical trials

Cancer is our only focus

Roswell Park provides care for the whole person. While our surgical, medical and radiation oncologists treat the disease, our patients can also rely on a team of psychologists, social workers, dietitians and other professionals, who work together to provide a full spectrum of integrated care — all under one roof.

We know every patient is unique. That’s why we deliver the highest-quality care, with a treatment plan tailored specifically for you.

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