Drs. Ivanick and Dexter Monarch

Robotic Bronchoscopy

The latest advancement for early diagnosis of lung cancer — robotic bronchoscopy — enables safe and accurate detection and biopsy of very small, hard-to-reach lung nodules.

Not all lung nodules are cancerous (many are benign) and so a biopsy is necessary for a definitive diagnosis. As lung cancer screening increases, however, the lung nodules and lesions detected by CT scanning tend to be smaller and deeper in the lungs. For nodules too small and too far into peripheral, or outer, areas of the lungs to biopsy with standard bronchoscopy, physicians typically need to decide between monitoring them or performing surgery. If they choose to monitor them, they will watch for growth or other malignant characteristics, and this risks possible metastasis. While the option to perform surgery carries other risks, such as collapsed lung and other complications.

With robotic bronchoscopy, Roswell Park’s thoracic surgeons and interventional pulmonologists can find and biopsy small, peripheral nodules and get the answers you need today — without surgery.

A Technological Advancement

Roswell Park’s leadership in early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of lung cancers, plus expertise in nodule management has long been established.

The new technology enables physicians to enter the lungs and maneuver through the patient’s airways to reach peripheral areas of the lungs, evaluating and taking samples of any suspicious areas with unmatched precision and dexterity. The ability to diagnose these early cancers and begin treatment sooner than otherwise possible promises to increase chances of survival and avoid unnecessary invasive diagnostic procedures.

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Roswell Park is able to offer this new approach to patients because of donations from individuals and organizations to the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation.

The Roswell Park Advantage

Roswell Park is among the first hospitals in the United States, and the only center in New York State to utilize the Monarch Platform robotic bronchoscopy, which integrates the latest advancements in robotics, computer navigation, 3D imaging and an innovative telescoping endoscope.